Friday October 16th: Socks

October we celebrate socks of all kinds - Long or short, from Over-the-knee to hidden trainer socks. Big and chunky or thin and sheer. Black or White. Laundry Fresh or Sweaty...   

We don’t enforce any dress code, and there’ll be plenty of sock, boots  and sneaker fun to be had, whatever you’re into - feet socks boots shoes - it’s all good at Feet on Friday.


We want to emphasise that Feet on Friday is not a generic cruising club and patrons will be reminded on entry that this is a foot fetish club. We’d rather turn a few people away and keep the night all about feet and footwear.

Normal entry is £6, which includes free coat/bag check.

For details of future dates, check the Calendar page.

Saturday October 31st: Feet on Saturday

Feet on Saturday is our occasional Saturday party - there’s no theme just lots of foot, sock and footwear fun.

Some guys find it hard to make our Friday night parties due to work: Feet on Saturday is our answer to that.

Check out our “Places to Stay” section of the website if you need affordable accommodation.