Friday December 19th: Feet on Friday

Feet on Friday marks the end of the year and the festive season with our popular sneaker party.

Some like them pristine, some like them worn or even beaten up... Modern or retro. Hightop or low-cut. There are hundreds of styles out there. We are sure of one thing - they are a very horny look - and even if you’re not into the sneakers themselves, they are a good way to showcase what’s inside. 

If sneakers aren’t your thing, don’t worry as Feet on Friday has plenty to fulfill every taste in foot and footwear fetish and keep everyone amused.

We want to emphasize that Feet on Friday is not a generic cruising club and patrons will be reminded on entry that this is a foot fetish club. We’d rather turn a few people away and keep the night all about feet and footwear.

Normal entry is £6, which includes free coat/bag check.

For details of future dates, check the Calendar page.