Feet on Friday, July 17th : Boots

July 17th is our ‘boots’ themed party -
whether it’s traditional Rangers/DMs, Bike boots or Timberlands. All boots are welcome.

We don’t enforce any dress code, and there’ll be plenty of sock and foot fun to be had, whatever you’re into - feet socks boots shoes - it’s all good at Feet on Friday.

Recon’s fetish week runs from July 12th - 19th and, although we’re not an official event, we usually benefit from the many visitors that will be in town that week.

Can’t decide what pair to wear? No problem: bring several pairs and make use of our free coat/bag check so you can switch footwear during the night.  If you’re into swapping gear, bring some swaps along - whether its just for an hour or two on the night or longer, its up to you.

We want to emphasise that Feet on Friday is not a generic cruising club and patrons will be reminded on entry that this is a foot fetish club. We’d rather turn a few people away and keep the night all about feet and footwear.

Normal entry is £6, which includes free coat/bag check.

For details of future dates, check the Calendar page.